Send In the Bugs

This is a post all about gardening but I need to address the barn cat apocalypse that has taken place over the last 11 months. We started out at nearly 12+/- cats wandering around the property when we moved in and now we are down to a single one. A few of the babies wentContinue reading “Send In the Bugs”

Night Tales

I haven’t had such an early bedtime as I do now in over twenty years. The sun sets around 5, I make myself and Brady dinner by 7, I putz around the house a little, and around 8:30/ 9pm I’m ready to be in bed. Ever since I fished a black and white TV outContinue reading “Night Tales”

Short Days, Long Winter

The fall came in fast and the last two months for me were an anxiety driven asthma flare. For a few weeks there it was so foggy every morning I kept envisioning I was in some form of purgatory like in the movie “The Others”; the only things passing by our door early in theContinue reading “Short Days, Long Winter”

Death and Chickens

Inevitably there comes a point in every project I take on where things become a chore. To-dos pile up to the point of being overwhelming and the fun is out of the game. Sometimes so much has happened but it doesn’t seem worth writing about because so many more consequential things are happening. However, despiteContinue reading “Death and Chickens”

Ever Expanding Felines

When I have time to kill, I go see what’s up with the cats and chickens. The chickens don’t like me around so I try to spy on  them through the craggy window mid-morning and try to see who might get into a nesting box and lay an egg. They always spot me and IContinue reading “Ever Expanding Felines”


Welcome to the inaugural faux farm blog post. I haven’t written a personal blog since my livejournal in 2006 so this is exciting, and I will try to keep the vague song lyrics to a minimum.  It has been nearly 2 months since we (me, partner, cat, two dogs) moved from Philadelphia to a rentedContinue reading “Welcome!”

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